SunPower’s Manifesto: Supporting Your Unique Solar Style

March 23, 2023

SunPower Solar Style

Here at SunPower, we believe clean energy solutions through solar + storage should be accessible to everybody. The reasons our customers choose solar energy are as unique as they are. But for all our differences, it’s up to each of us to ensure a better, cleaner planet. 

With this in mind, we established a manifesto that salutes you, the different groups of solar enthusiasts helping to foster a more reliable electrical grid and sustainable future through these unique styles:

SunPower Manifesto

No matter your motivation for choosing a home solar solution, we recognize and embrace this powerful shared opportunity to change the way the world is powered.

So, what's your solar style? Take this fun quiz below and learn more about how you can use your specific solar style to create an eco-friendlier lifestyle.

SunPower Solar Style

Question 1: Your boss surprises you with a $1,000 cash bonus for a job well done. What do you do with the money?

A. Make a donation to your favorite charity.

B. Put it straight into savings to cover unexpected expenses.

C. Invest the money and watch it grow.

D. Put it toward your next vacation.

Question 2: Your wardrobe is:

A. Sustainably sourced from thrift stores and resale shops. 

B. Made up of items you found on sale at your favorite stores.

C. Carefully curated, classic styles made to last.

D. An eclectic mix that really shows off your personality.

Question 3: The newest model of phone came out today and it’s got ALL the bells and whistles. What do you do?

A. Ignore it. You’ll use the one you have until it dies, then recycle it.

B. Start saving. You’ll get one when you can pay in cash.

C. Grab the box off the porch. You preordered months ago.

D. Throw caution to the wind and treat yourself!

Question 4: Poof! You’ve just been granted a superpower. Which do you choose?

A. Healing. Not only are you invincible, you can help others, too. 

B. Control electricity. Rising energy costs? Not on your watch.

C. See the future. You know exactly what’s coming before it happens.

D. Teleportation. Go anywhere in the world (and beyond) with just a thought.

Question 5: You’ve got two weeks off work and the world is your oyster. Where do you go?

A. On an epic camping trip. You’re most comfortable when you’re surrounded by nature.

B. Nowhere. Your staycation means you can finally catch up on all the things on your to-do list.

C. To the hustle and bustle of the city where there’s something new to see and do every day.

D. On a cross-country RV trip, following the road wherever it takes you.


If you selected mostly As: You're a Saver of the World!

Definition: Passionate advocates for protecting the planet, one step at a time.

SunPower World Saver

The Earth is your priority and sustainability’s your middle name. As a saver of the world, you care deeply about the planet we’ll leave behind for future generations, and you’re always looking for new ways to decrease your carbon footprint and live a greener lifestyle.

While solar is just one factor in your quest to save the planet, it’s also one of the most rewarding. You love using the mySunPower® app to see the positive impact on the environment with every kWh your system sends back to the grid and take pride in knowing you’re helping to provide clean energy to your community. 

Your Dream System: With the panels on your roof, you’re generating enough electricity for everyday life and then some, including the new Wallbox EV Charger in your garage. Thanks to SunPower, your electric car gets its vroom from some of the cleanest energy around.

If you selected mostly Bs: You're a Saver of Hard-Earned Cash!

Definition: The budget-conscious whose wallets get bigger as their carbon footprints get smaller.

SunPower Saver of Hard Earned Cash

You’re a savvy saver, an ingenious investor and the go-to guru for all things finance among your friends and family. As a saver of hard-earned cash, you know the value of a dollar and are an expert at making your money work for you.

Since installing your solar system, your household energy expenditures with the utility company have all but disappeared. In fact, your latest bill was the lowest yet, thanks to the credits you’ve racked up for sending your extra energy back to the grid.

Your Dream System: Adding SunVault® storage was a no-brainer for you and the ability to draw from your home’s solar battery storage when prices are at their peak was too tempting to resist!

If you selected mostly Cs: You're a Forward Thinker!

Definition: Visionaries who don't wait for others to act, they lead the way for a better future.

SunPower Forward Thinker

Where others see problems, you see opportunities for innovation and creative solutions. You’re a forward thinker, and your love for the latest tech means your house is the smartest on the block. 

You were one of the first people you know to go solar, and you’ve stayed on top of new developments and improvements (like adding backup storage) every step of the way. The flexibility and control you get from your system’s monitoring app makes it not only a crucial part of managing your smart home but an easy way to maximize your home’s efficiency and energy savings too.

Your Dream System: A mutual spirit of innovation is what drew you to SunPower, and you enjoy having the latest tech powering your home. From your brand-new Wallbox EV Charger to your sleek and powerful SunVault® storage, your home’s complete solar system is the envy of the neighborhood.

If you selected mostly Ds: You're a Freedom Chaser

Definition: Those who dream of energy independence and an escape from high utility bills.

SunPower Freedom Chaser

Life is an adventure, and you’re crafting your own destiny one moment at a time. You’re a Freedom Chaser, and when it comes to your home, you believe you’re only as free as you are flexible. 

With severe weather outages and rolling blackouts, you long for the peace of mind that energy independence can bring. Now that you’ve gone solar, you’re feeling freer than ever as you switch effortlessly from solar panel power to backup battery, making the most of the clean energy you produce while smoothly sidestepping the utility company’s peak charges. 

Your Dream System: With battery backup and the best panels around, your SunPower solar + storage solution gives you the freedom to navigate energy challenges and keep the lights on, even during an outage.

Whether you’re a freedom chaser, a saver of the world or have your own one-of-a-kind solar style, we thank you for helping to build a brighter future for us all.