What is solar storage?

Solar storage, or energy storage, plays an important role in the future of the solar industry and how people use and consume energy. When a homeowner chooses to go solar and install solar panels, they have an option to add solar batteries as well. By having a solar + storage system, homeowners can choose how they use the energy that their solar system generates, whether storing to use during the evening, to mitigate peak-energy charges (time-of-use pricing) from their utility, or in case of a power outage. By choosing to back up their whole home, or specific essentials loads, homeowners have peace of mind by taking control of their energy.

How does solar storage work?

The solar system generates electricity during the day and uses that energy to power your home and charge the home solar storage battery. In the evening, when the solar system isn’t producing electricity, solar storage can be used to decrease the amount of electricity drawn from the grid. Solar storage can provide power to essential appliances and electronics in an outage. The solar plus storage system will allow you to generate your own electricity and then use it when it best suits your needs.

SunPower® SunVault® storage system

SunPower SunVault storage integrates with your SunPower Equinox® solar system, creating the only home solar + storage solution designed and warranted by a single company. And our superior battery technology lets you power more of your home in an outage, and still get more charge cycles than conventional storage systems. With SunVault storage, you control your energy use. So you can maximize savings by lowering your electric bill and reducing peak-time charges.  

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