Frequently asked questions about solar storage

A home solar storage battery is charged during the day and can decrease the amount of electricity drawn from the grid at peak times or at night. It can also be used during an outage.*

What is included in the SunPower® SunVault® storage system?

SunVault storage is comprised of two boxes, the energy storage system and Hub+® (the brains behind this system). Additionally, all customers receive access to SunPower's mobile app to view their performance and manage system settings.

What is the best location for installation?

We recommend indoor installation, typically in a garage. Outdoor installations are possible in shaded areas and where temperatures remain between 15-110° F and are protected from other severe and extreme weather.

Is there a warranty? How does it compare?

Yes. SunPower provides a 10-year warranty for SunVault® storage as part of the Complete Confidence Warranty, the same warranty that covers your SunPower® solar system.

Will the battery work on days when it is not sunny outside?

SunVault storage is designed to charge when it is sunny and discharge when needed based on your settings. In your mobile app, you can select how much of the battery you want to use daily for savings and how much to reserve for an outage.

How much money can I save each month?

This depends on your energy use, utility rate, rate structure, and several other factors. Your SunPower Equinox® proposal will provide an estimate of your annual savings from your solar and storage system based on your current electricity use.