A guide to going solar safely during COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed the world in many ways, but it hasn't stopped the demand for affordable electricity that reduces our carbon footprint. So how can solar power technology be installed in ways that protects family and loved ones? SunPower is here to help. We put safety first, always, and give customers the best options in service and equipment.

How does SunPower ensure customer and employee safety?

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, SunPower has emphasized following the stringent recommendations set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on cleanliness and hygiene. We also closely follow all state and local rules or advice on disease prevention. SunPower's safety task force meets daily to discuss the ever-changing influence of COVID-19 on our lives. With up-to-date guidance from federal and local health authorities, these experienced professionals help ensure that our employees are trained and ready to safely serve solar customers.

What kind of person-to-person contact can I expect initially with SunPower?

None. When COVID-19 emerged, many companies scrambled to find ways to help customers online. SunPower was already there. We've been giving customers "no contact" customer options since 2019. 

How about when I get the solar panels installed?

Much of the preliminary legwork that goes into a solar power project can be handled without regular in-person meetings. For instance, drones can allow SunPower to complete rooftop surveys, and many of the tasks tied to permitting or hooking up a solar system to the local grid are done online. When it comes to the installation, most of that takes place on a roof. So there's usually no need for customers to be in direct contact with any members of the installation team.

What kind of person-to-person contact can I expect during installation?

On occasion, work needs to be done in a homeowner's garage due to the location of the electric service panel. Also, sometimes SunPower employees or third-party contractors may need to come out for repairs or site audits. When situations like this arise, SunPower employees and contractors are trained to take social distancing seriously. Crew members use phones, text or email to stay in touch with customers where possible. When they can't, crew members have been instructed to wear gloves, face coverings and other personal protective equipment, and to maintain six-foot social distancing. They also will provide proper ventilation as appropriate. During the installation, all crew members are instructed to engage in regular hand sanitation without needing access to a customer's home or business.

How we're keeping you safe

  • Whenever possible, SunPower employees work from home. In fact, most of our 1,200+ U.S. based employees are currently working remotely.

  • SunPower employees who interact directly with other employees or customers must do so only when healthy. All employees who feel sick or who have been in contact with those who are sick are required to stay home.

  • Employees who are on a jobsite or in a SunPower facility are required to complete a daily mandatory self-evaluation for COVID-19 symptoms and must take daily thermometer testing to make sure they don't have a fever of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • All employees have been instructed to follow public best practices on reducing health risks and ensuring cleanliness, such as washing hands, wearing facial coverings whenever on a jobsite or in public, safety glasses, gloves, social distancing, etc.

  • SunPower vehicles and equipment are cleaned and sanitized throughout the day following the best practice recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as well as public health orders by state and local health officials.

  • All non-critical SunPower business travel has been suspended.

  • SunPower's contact with outside vendors also has been minimized. Though we receive deliveries, all interactions have been limited and sanitation efforts have been stepped up.

  • Start times for projects are now staggered to limit employee interaction at supply warehouses.

  • SunPower construction workers and service providers are required to maintain six-foot social distancing on site, and they are no longer allowed to carpool – including to and from sites and between jobs.

  • Customers are kept posted about the arrival time of work crews and service workers to help avoid contact.

  • SunPower workers are required to avoid sharing tools and thoroughly sanitize equipment between users and at the end of every installation to prepare it for the next one.

  • All SunPower employees get frequent updates on health and safety practices via the company intranet.

  • SunPower's safety task force regularly examines and updates policies designed to help keep customers, employees, and crews safe.

And to keep us all safe …

  • Please let us know if you or a member of your household are, or have recently been ill or if anyone living in the home has recently traveled to areas severely affected by COVID-19. We'll be glad to reschedule your appointment for a convenient time.

  • Prior to scheduling an appointment for installation or service, we will call to confirm that you and those you live with are not self-quarantined or advised by medical professionals to remain isolated.

  • Two days before your appointment, SunPower will reconfirm that everyone in your home remains healthy.

  • Prior to installation, SunPower will review with you all the precautionary measures we will be taking while on site.

  • Please respect the six-foot separation during your installation or service call If you need to speak directly with our crews while onsite, please wear a face covering.

Thank you for your role in helping us safely and responsibly change the way our world is powered.