What to Expect During a SunPower Solar Online Appointment

May 14, 2020

SunPower Online Appointments

In response to COVID-19, many businesses have scrambled to adapt to the challenge of shelter in place orders and social distancing recommendations. With more people online and communicating via email and web meetings than ever before, it was only natural that traditional face-to-face selling would make a digital migration as well. Thankfully, online appointments were not a new concept at SunPower. In fact, it’s been used for quite some time to help make going solar easy and convenient for homeowners.

SunPower began redefining the virtual sales process and mastering an approach to online consultation in early 2019. Focus was placed on the customer experience, making sure the same care and service that accompanied in-home consultations transferred over onto the digital front. As a result, SunPower has been effectively polishing the technology and tools needed to make this it a positive experience for homeowners for some time.

SunPower® solar consultants are experts in evaluating, designing and estimating solar systems. Homeowners can expect an in-depth consultation that lasts approximately 45-60 minutes. Because some of these online platforms are new territory for homeowners, the SunPower team is on standby to help make sure everyone is familiar with the technology by the time of the appointment.

After making sure the homeowner is comfortable with the online process, solar consultants spend time assessing the homeowner’s current needs as well as how their needs might change in the future. To do this, a series of topics are discussed, from utility bill history to a homeowner’s overall energy saving goals. These important details factor into the design of a customized solar system.

Finding the best SunPower solar arrangement for a home really is a collaborative effort between the solar consultant and the homeowner and includes opportunities for homeowners to decide where panels will be placed on their roof. This enables homeowners to choose what works best for them based on energy demand, aesthetics and financial investment. The entire experience is very casual and informational.

SunPower’s online appointments have quality, experience and efficiency built in with a friendly team ready to help homeowners that are looking to make a difference for both their utility bill and the environment. During a time when many are seeing higher utility rates working at home, solar consultants are ready to provide homeowners with outstanding customer service and the information they need to go solar.

To schedule a virtual appointment, homeowners can get started by filling out this online form.