SunPower’s Solutions for Agriculture

Add Power to Your Harvest


rise in energy expenditures for agriculture from 2007-2012*

  • *. 2012 Census of Agriculture. National Agriculture Statistics Service.

Combined grant and loan guarantees up to
of total eligible projects costs available for farmers*

  • *. "Rural Energy for America Program, Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency." USDA Rural Development. March 2015.

1 hour
of sunlight produces enough energy to power the earth for a year*

  • *. "Solar FAQs.: Sandia National Laboratories." April 2006.

Agriculture Case Studies

We’ve brought better solar energy to all types of farmers and agriculture businesses. Here are just a few of them:
Golden Empire Shelling
Saving an estimated $10 million over 20 years with SunPower, while offsetting approximately 90% of electricity
Kapcsandy Family Winery
Winery offsets an estimated 92% of its electricity use with solar.
Rivermaid Lodi, CA
Rivermaid Trading Co.
California agricultural leader installs a 1.47 MW SunPower system to power its processing facility.