Golden Empire Shelling solar power

Golden Empire Shelling

Part of the SunPower® Luminary Series


“Now, as an industry, we are really at a point where solar makes complete financial sense. Our SunPower solar system is expected to pay for itself in less than five years.”

John Wynn | General Manager, Golden Empire Shelling




20-year savings


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SunPower® Luminary Series

Golden Empire Shelling (GES)

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Why they chose SunPower

Golden Empire Shelling solar power

SunPower dealer SunPower by Sun Solar has a great reputation and is known for standing behind their work.


Golden Empire Shelling solar power

SunPower’s robotic cleaning solution cleans 10x faster than manual cleaning, using 75% less water.


Golden Empire Shelling solar power

SunPower Helix™ has a 40-year lifespan, higher efficiency, and lower degradation rate than conventional panels.

Golden Empire Shelling solar power



Saving Millions with SunPower®

Wildly popular for its health benefits and great taste, almonds are now used in everything from cereals to snack foods, and are California’s most valuable agricultural commodity. Yet almond yields have declined over the past few years in part due to California’s raging drought.1 

When the drought caused yields to decline, GES knew they needed to cut costs. With the company’s cost of power increasing an average of five percent per year, Wynn recognized the need to drastically reduce the company’s electric bill, so he looked to SunPower for the solution.

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