Home Solar Savings Make for a Happier New Year!

January 8, 2018

SunPower's EnergyLink® monitoring system shows solar users how much solar energy they’re producing, how much electricity is coming from their solar system versus the grid and their lifetime electric bill savings.

We recently asked some of our home solar customers to share with us on Facebook how much money they saved with SunPower® solar in 2017; how much energy they produced; and how much CO2 they avoided.

Such information is easily accessible thanks to SunPower's monitoring app, which customers can access on any smart device such as a cell phone or laptop. Our EnergyLink® monitoring system shows how much solar energy is being produced, how much electricity is generated by their solar system versus the grid and the lifetime electric bill savings. 

If you're thinking of installing solar in 2018, these customer experiences show that it can make good financial sense to generate your electricity from the sun — especially considering that the cost to install solar has dropped by 70 percent since 2010.1

The savings and experiences shared by our customers represent their individual experiences. Both electricity cost savings and emissions avoidance will vary based on system size, shading and a number of other factors.2 

SunPower Customers Share Solar Savings Stories

"We produced approximately 1,300 (kilowatt hours) more than we used so far this year." — Gregory L.

"The $$ savings are great! Most proud of the positive environmental effects my 3-year old, 30-panel SunPower system has produced!" — Rick M.

"My favorite stat is going to be the check I'm going to receive from the electric company in January..." — Douglas C.

 "Love all of it — making energy, saving money, and reducing our carbon footprint!" — Yolanda B.

"I'm producing power for the first time, and it feels good." —  Bryan F.

Thank you to all our customers who helped us change how our world is powered last year, and here's to making 2018 an even more stellar solar year!

To read all of our customers' comments, visit our Facebook page. To find out how much you could save on solar, use our savings calculator.

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1__SEIA (Solar Energy Industries Association) 2017 Solar Market Insight report: industry data

2__Customer savings vary depending upon a number of factors including (but not limited to) the following:  equipment used, system size, system orientation and shading, insolation available, applicability utility rates and rate structure, as well as customer's eligibility for rebates, incentives, and net-metering or similar programs (the availability of which may differ for each customer).