Sol is SunPower's new chatbot.

Finding answers to questions about going solar can be tough. So SunPower and its national dealer network educate homeowners about solar every way possible — online, in person and over the phone.  

For example, on the SunPower home page, visitors can click on a chat icon at the bottom right of the screen to reach SunPower representatives during business hours.

But we’re always looking for new ways to explain the many benefits of solar and demystify the solar panel installation process. 

We’re excited to introduce “Sol,” our new virtual assistant designed to help homeowners learn about home solar. Sol is available to answer questions about solar and SunPower 24 hours a day, seven days a week — even at 3 a.m. in case high electric bills are causing sleepless nights. 

Just visit our home solar web page on a desktop computer or mobile device and click the yellow Sol icon (pictured above) to start the conversation.

We built Sol by combining our more than 30 years of experience creating efficient solar solutions with language and intelligence technology from IBM Watson (of “Jeopardy” fame). Over the past few months, we’ve been training Sol to answer questions better and more clearly based on early user feedback. 

How Does Sol the Solar Chatbot Work?

Here’s how the chatbot works: Ask a question about solar or SunPower, and Sol will answer it. Ask how much you could save with solar, test Sol’s knowledge of solar trivia, or try anything else on your mind about home solar.

Some common questions (and a few Easter Egg hints) that Sol can answer include:

  • How much does solar cost?
  • What is Equinox?
  • How do panels work?
  • Who are you?
  • How is your day?
  • What is the secret to the universe?

Of course, Sol doesn’t know everything. Sometimes Sol isn’t sure how to interpret a question. Much like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, Sol becomes confused when asked multiple questions at once. And nothing beats talking to a SunPower® solar advisor in person. Homeowners can always call us at 1-800-SUNPOWER or complete our contact form to schedule a free in-person home solar evaluation.

We look forward to making Sol even better over time. Try Sol today and let us know what you think. 

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