Why is my WiFi network not included in the scan results?

At some homes, the Equinox® monitoring device, which sends data to us, is located too far from the router to be able to communicate successfully. 

As a first step, consider moving your router closer to the Equinox® device to improve the communication between the two devices. 

If this is not possible, here are other options to help solve the issue:

  • Install a Wi-Fi extender to your existing home internet network. Ensure the extender is plugged into an outlet that is consistently on (not connected to a switch).

  • Upgrade your home network to a Wi-Fi mesh system with a node near the PVS. Wi-Fi mesh systems provide greater coverage and performance compared to standard range extenders.

  • Work with your installer to run a hardwired ethernet connection, from your router, to the PVS. This work should be done by SunPower authorized service providers only. Note: Access to public hotspots, such as XFINITY WiFi, is not supported.