Where can I see how my SunVault is setup and operating?

Ready to make the most of your SunVault system? You can monitor your solar, storage, and electricity use from anywhere—with the mySunPower app.

  • HOME: Let’s start with the HOME screen, where you can easily check the current status of your system:

    • You can see whether your home is using solar energy, drawing power from the grid, or sending excess solar energy back to the grid for credit. You can also see whether your SunVault system is charging or powering your home with stored solar energy.

    • You can check this status day or night to see how solar production changes in cloudy, rainy, or snowy weather. Curious how appliances affect your energy usage? Simply open the app, turn on an appliance, and watch your live HOME USAGE data refresh in a matter of seconds (you must be connected to WiFi of course).

  • ANALYZE: Now let’s look at historical data available on the ANALYZE tab. Our built-in reporting tracks energy consumption and trends by day, month, year, and over the lifetime of your system. In the Day view, you can get insights on everything from how you use energy during your morning routine or workday, to charging an electric vehicle overnight. Switch to the Year view to easily see how your solar and grid usage changed from month to month, or season to season. You can also see summarized totals of your energy mix, your estimated savings, and—our favorite part—the positive impact your use of solar has had on our environment.

  • SUNVAULT: The SUNVAULT tab is where you’ll find all pertinent information about your SunVault, including the status and charge level of the batteries. You can also set your power preferences and Operating Mode right from the app.

  • PROFILE: SunVault is virtually maintenance free. But if you ever need help, you can easily reach us through the app by tapping the PROFILE tab, then Help & Support. Simply call or email anytime, and we’ll be happy to help you.

This short video provides details about your mySunPower app: