Understated Solar: East Hampton Home Features Invisible Panels

Quick Facts

Location: East Hampton, NYSystem Size: 7.9 kWProducts Installed: SunPower Equinox® SystemEst. Annual Savings: $2,158/year

Homes designed by Thomas Heine Architecture share a common theme: they blend in perfectly with the landscape while striking an elegant architectural note. Nowhere is this more evident than a recent home designed in East Hampton, NY.

With expansive windows and natural light, the home is an invitation to enjoy the outdoors. The open-plan interiors connect the home with nature, providing versatile space for living and entertaining.

To emphasize this natural theme, solar energy was incorporated into the home's design—an idea that isn't surprising in these parts. The town of East Hampton prides itself on being the first municipality on the East Coast to set a goal to source 100% of its energy from renewable sources by 2030.

Long Island-based SunPower Elite partner Green Logic helped the architect ensure that the solar on this home blended unobtrusively with the neighborhood. The system was designed to be inset into the roof construction, rendering the panels virtually invisible when viewed from the ground.

Aside from the clean aesthetic, the flush-mounted solar system stands up well to the elements—a critical feature in the Hamptons, where frequent "nor'easters" and occasional hurricane-force winds come with the territory. The SunPower Equinox® system, featuring panels that lead in durability1, were a great match for this home—and the homeowner's—needs.

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