Troubleshooting Lost Internet Connection to SunPower Equinox® System

Your solar panels require little to no maintenance. However, your monitoring system may lose connection to the internet from time to time. Common reasons for this include a change to your WiFi network name or password, a change to your router location, or issues with the device requiring reset or firmware updates.

If any of these occur, try the quick troubleshooting tips below or contact SunPower Support at 833-410-2382.

  • Reset your WiFi connection from the mySunPower app.

  • Place your router closer to your PVS or install a wireless extender if the internet was lost due to the location of your router.

  • Reset your PVS by flipping the circuit breaker that powers it. This circuit breaker will be rated for 15 or 20 amps and located in an electrical box near your monitoring device. The breaker will be clearly labeled with a placard indicating "PV MONITORING" or "PV SUPERVISOR" or a similar naming as shown in the image below.

Troubleshooting Lost Internet Connection to SunPower Equinox System