Space Invaders Solar Design Gets Points for Creativity and Power

Quick Stats

Location: San Antonio, TX

System Size: 9.92 kW

System Type: SunPower Equinox®

Est. Energy Offset: 88%

Est. Lifetime Savings: $50,945

When Arturo and his wife, Monica, began considering solar for their San Antonio home, they had two goals: help the environment and save money on utility costs.

The couple did their homework, researching different solar panel brands for the aspects they came to learn were important: panel efficiency, performance, quality, and reliability.

"Ultimately we chose SunPower because the quality was unmatched and the years of experience they have as a company," Arturo says. "SunPower has award-winning technology which now other solar manufacturers are attempting to copy because it really is the best in the business."

The couple wanted to take advantage of solar to avoid ever-increasing electricity costs, and with summer temperatures rising they narrowed down their search to three local installation companies.

In the end, Freedom Solar won the project – in part because they offer SunPower® panels in San Antonio.

But what really clinched the deal was the design: a Space Invader-shaped layout that called to mind Arturo's favorite video game.

"The design was cool but also showed the flexibility of the panels when it came to design as well as the commitment to bring our idea to life," Arturo says.

With the highest efficiency solar panels on the market*, SunPower makes optimal use of tight roof spaces, which enables a more flexible design. Ultimately, the fact that Freedom Solar listened to their needs drove their decision.

"Freedom isn't just selling solar, they want to make sure that their customers are happy and that solar makes sense for them," Arturo explains.

The system delivered on all points: reducing their carbon footprint, offsetting approximately 88% of the home's electricity use, and saving the family an estimated $50,000 on avoided electricity costs over the next 25 years.

And the fact that it's a Space Invader? Icing on the cake, says Arturo.

"I love knowing that my house is different and stands out not only because we went solar but because we were able to do it in a fun and exciting way."

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