Soaking Up the Sun to Save In Rancho Mirage

Quick Stats

Location: Rancho Mirage, CA
System Size: 29.3 kW
System Type: SunPower Equinox®
Est. Lifetime Savings: $629,000
Est. Energy Offset: 100%

In the Coachella Valley of California, summer temperatures can soar, reaching 120 degrees or more. Keeping homes cool isn't just a matter of comfort, it's a question of survival. But electricity costs can be astronomical. That's why many homeowners are adding solar to their rooftops, saving substantially on utility bills while reducing the strain on the electricity grid.

Richard L. of Rancho Mirage recently made the decision to go solar with SunPower elite dealer Renova Solar. With a 3,000 square-foot home that was designed to be energy efficient, solar was the next step to radically reduce the family's electricity bill – as well as their carbon footprint.

Low-profile, high-power solar

Renova Solar designed a 29.3 kW system for their home, consisting of 96 SunPower® solar panels. The system's sleek design fits neatly into the flat roof of the home, while churning out plenty of clean power in the desert sun. The system produces an estimated 48,000+ kilowatt hours of energy per year, enough to offset approximately 100% of the home's average electricity use.

SunPower was a good match for the project, since the panels have been tested for extreme heat and cold and outperform any other conventional solar panel. The ballasted system includes an air gap between the white roof and the solar panels, keeping them cooler. SunPower panels also have an industry-leading, 25-year power and performance warranty.

High marks for service

Working with the team at Renova was a positive experience from start to finish, Richard reports.

"Renova was very attentive through the entire process," Richard says. "The timeline was right on target, the production is strong, and the system looks great!"

The family's system is projected to save them more than $600,000 over its lifetime. Better yet, the solar system is designed to alleviate CO2 emissions equivalent to those produced from burning 37,598 pounds of coal.*

Going solar has helped eliminate this family's electric bill, while in effect removing the demand of one more home from the Southern California utility grid. That's a win-win in any climate.

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