How to Use Your SunVault® Storage System and Prepare for an Outage

Using Your SunVault® System

In general, your SunVault solar battery storage system requires no day-to-day operation on your part. During the day, your SunPower Equinox® system uses solar energy to power your home, and any excess solar energy produced charges your SunVault battery.* If your battery is fully charged, excess energy will be sent to the grid.

In the evening and during periods of peak energy cost, SunVault storage powers your home with battery power, decreasing your use of grid electricity. In Cost Savings or Self-Supply mode, your battery will only use a portion of its stored energy during these times, until it reaches the reserve energy amount that you specified, if applicable.

Storm Tip

In the event of a severe storm warning or outage notification from your utility, use the app to select Reserve Mode operation. When selected, all available solar energy will be sent to the battery, instead of powering your home, until it's fully charged. This may take up to 24 hours. Your battery will remain fully charged until an outage occurs or until the number of days you specified for Reserve Mode operation elapses.

During an Outage

In the event of a grid outage, SunVault storage will automatically disconnect from the grid and begin powering your home. You may notice the transition, but most of your selected appliances will continue operating without interruption.*

The parts of your home that you and your installer selected for backup will remain powered.

Stay mindful of the appliances that are running on backup power in order to avoid unnecessary energy drainage.

For the duration of the outage, SunVault storage will use available energy to meet the needs of your home. Any excess energy produced by your SunPower Equinox® system during the day will be used to charge the battery like normal. And when grid power returns, your system will automatically reconnect to the grid. If your home is using too much power, and your SunVault system cannot power all of the appliances, you may experience a loss of electricity. SunVault will automatically attempt to repower your home two times and then stop if unsuccessful. If this occurs, please turn off appliances and use your mobile app to reset your system.

Storage Tip

If your battery ever becomes fully depleted, turn off as many appliances as possible. A small amount of energy is automatically reserved to allow your battery to "wake up" and recharge itself as soon as solar energy is available again. If too many appliances are running, your battery may not begin charging as quickly. This is particularly important during winter conditions.