How Equinox Solar Storage Works


SunPower Equinox® storage can help provide power to essential appliances in an outage, reduce peak-time charges and offset your evening usage, and is part of the only home solar and storage system designed, installed and warranted by one company.

Equinox storage is made up of two elegant and compact boxes—the energy storage system and the hub. The energy storage system stores energy produced by your solar panels. The hub controls when and how that energy is used. Often, battery storage is installed in your garage. This keeps the energy close at hand and offers convenient access to the built-in display.

How Equinox storage works

When the sun is shining, your SunPower Equinox system delivers electricity to your home, replacing energy you'd normally buy from the grid. If your system produces more power than you're using, it can store the excess energy to use in the evening or when utility rates are at their highest—also known as "peak times". If the power goes out, you can use stored energy to power your essential appliances—such as keeping your lights on or running your refrigerator. Whatever you decide is most important.

Managing your solar storage is easy

With the SunPower app, you can monitor your solar, storage and home energy usage in real-time and adjust your storage settings based on weather alerts, utility rates, preferences and more. And if your energy needs ever change - such as buying an electric vehicle or putting in a pool - you can always add more solar panels and storage.

This simple, powerful solution can help you make the most of your solar - while providing peace of mind in an outage.

If you're considering adding storage to your solar system, we're here to help.

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