How do you reset SunVault after an overload?

SunVault provides a large amount of power in backup operation. However, if your power use exceeds the maximum power that SunVault can provide, the system may overload and thus require a reset.

You will receive an alert in your mySunPower app if SunVault overloads, and your power will likely go out. SunVault will automatically try to form a microgrid, but a service technician may be required.

Resetting SunVault through the mySunPower app requires that SunVault be connected to the internet through WiFi, Ethernet, or cellular communications. If communications appear to be down during the power outage, please first confirm that your router and modem have power, and then:

  1. Check mySunPower. Check your mySunPower app. The app may recommend that you reset your SunVault system.

  2. If the app does recommend a reset, turn off large loads. Before resetting SunVault, you should manually turn off large appliances (such as electric oven, induction cooktop, and clothes dryer) and any other devices that have a heating element.

  3. Check LED status. View the icons on the LED panel on the front of your ESS to confirm current status:

    • Connectivity: White or orange indicates your SunVault is communicating with the SunPower servers.
      A stable internet connection is required to reset SunVault using the mySunPower app.

    • Alert: Red indicates to check your mySunPower app for alerts.

    • Charge Level: Indicates the system state of charge (SOC).
      At least two charge level LEDs must be illuminated in order to be able to reset SunVault.

  4. Confirm RPO switch is disengaged. Not all SunVault systems have a remote power off (RPO) switch. If yours does, this bright yellow switch is typically located on the exterior of the garage (or side of the house). When engaged, the RPO switch suspends SunVault operation and enables emergency crews to then disconnect power from the utility at the main breaker in the main service panel (MSP), to safely perform emergency work.

    But—SunVault cannot be reset with the RPO engaged, and, occasionally, the RPO button may be unintentionally engaged (pushed in).

    To disengage the switch, simply open its cover and then pull the red RPO button outward until it clicks and you see the yellow ring around the base of the button itself:
    RPO Switch

  5. Finally, to reset your SunVault, in the app tap PROFILE, then SunVault Info, and then RESET BATTERY:

    Reset SunVault within mySunPower

    A popup message will ask you whether you are sure. Tap RESET BATTERY. This will reset your SunVault.

    Please note that resetting your SunVault using the mySunPower app may require 5 to 10 minutes while SunVault shuts down and attempts to reboot to enter backup operation. When your power comes back on, you’re good to go!

    If at any time you need help, please call SunPower Customer Care at 1.800.786.7693.