How do I reset my SunVault?

Occasionally, SunVault will require a manual reset when it is operating in backup. This is typically due to the home loads exceeding the maximum SunVault power level. In the event a manual reset is required, a popup message will appear in your mySunPower app letting you know.

Turn off all large appliances and then:

  • Open the door on the Hub+ (the smaller SunVault enclosure) and ensure that the ESS Inverter breakers are both ON, and that the ESS Grid Sense breakers are both ON:


  1. On the larger SunVault enclosure, open the small access panel on the right side and ensure that the two breakers are both ON:

  2. If your SunVault has a remote power off (RPO) switch, disengage it by ensuring that its red button is pulled out all the way, so that the yellow ring around the button is visible:

  3. In your mySunPower app:

    1. Tap the PROFILE tab

    2. Tap SunVault Info


Note: Resetting your SunVault using the mySunPower app requires that SunVault be connected to the internet through WiFi, Ethernet, or cellular. If communications are down during the power outage, please confirm that your router and modem have power and check the SunVault LED panel to confirm the status of the Connectivity icon (see Section 2.2 LED Panel).