How do I read my energy bill?

Each month, the energy bill from your local utility will include several key points that are important to understand:

  • Generation charges from your utility or local Community Choice Aggregation (CCA).

  • Consumption or energy (in kWh) delivered from the grid to help power your home.

  • Net generation or energy credits (in kWh) received from any surplus solar energy that your home sent back (exported) to the grid. A net generation value of any amount indicates that less energy was imported from the grid than was exported by your SunVault.

  • Net usage or energy imported (in kWh) from the grid. Importing a net usage value of any amount indicates that more utility energy was delivered to your home than was exported by your SunVault.

  • The rate (how much you were charged) for each kWh delivered or received. Time of Use rates may apply here—please check with your utility for their current pricing, charges, and available rate plans.

Your SunPower Energy Consultant can help you better understand your energy statement, your solar-powered home, and how net metering works in your area or utility region.

Below are some additional resources broken down by utility provider: