Fulfilling a Vision for Solar in the Hamptons

Quick Stats

Location: Amagansett, NY

System Size: 8 kW

Est. Lifetime Carbon Savings: 480,072 lbs of CO2

Est. Lifetime Savings: $116,000

The Town of East Hampton, NY, is a model for other cities in terms of climate action. Back in 2014, the town board was the first on the East Coast to set a 100% renewable energy goal for community-wide electricity by 2020. Seeking to improve energy efficiency, cost savings as well as environmental benefits, the town has since achieved many additional sustainability milestones and now has a goal of 100% carbon-free energy of all kinds by 2030.

One home that serves as a striking example of the Energize East Hamptons vision is located in Amagansett, NY. Designed by the homeowner, Thomas, an architect, the home incorporates natural lighting and other environmental touches, including a rooftop solar system from SunPower, designed and installed by Long Island-based Green Logic.

Solar aesthetics and power

Green Logic specializes in inset rooftop solar systems that blend in with the roofline of a home. The 8 kW SunPower Equinox® system with all-black panels on InvisaMount® racking presents a sleek aesthetic and recently won the company a national SunPower® Intelegant Award, recognizing excellence in solar innovation and design.

But the system isn't just elegantly designed. The SunPower Equinox system is an AC solar system that captures more usable sunlight than conventional systems, since it's designed to work in shade-prone areas. And that additional energy harvest translates into better financial returns down the line.

Saving two kinds of green

For the Heine house, integrating solar into the roof is expected to net a savings of $116,000 on the family's electricity bill over the next 30 years, with an expected system life of 40 years*. The reduction in carbon emissions is perhaps more impressive: it's like the family went out and planted 2.4 acres of trees.

John Rocchetta, partner and VP of Green Logic, says the company "prides itself on producing high-performance solar power system installations that help area residents and commercial businesses enjoy an unparalleled return on their investment."

With the climate crisis more pressing than ever before, cities, states and local citizens will all need to work together to reduce its impacts. In towns like East Hampton, the community is one step ahead.

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