Frequently Asked Questions from buyers about home sale lease assignment/buyout

What will the monthly payments be and how does the lease work?

Your realtor can assist you in obtaining a copy of the lease from the seller. If one is not available, the seller can call 1-800-321-1770 opt. 1 or email to request a copy for you and permit us to send you the copy of the lease agreement.

What if I do not want to assume the solar lease on this home?

You cannot cancel nor remove the equipment. If you do not wish to assume the lease:

You can purchase the system; or,

SunPower would be happy to try to assist you in learning more about the lease and the solar system, including the benefits of solar. Please contact us at 1-800-321-1770 opt. 1 with any questions you might have.

I’m purchasing a home with a pre-paid lease. Why do I need a credit check?

While the lease has been paid in advance, SunPower utilizes the credit check process to also verify identity. The credit check is a requirement for all lease assignments regardless of whether the lease agreement is prepaid or monthly.

What happens if I get declined?

SunPower will request for specific documents needed from the buyer to support credibility of assuming the lease.