Frequently asked questions about lease performance guarantee

How is my system monitored as part of my lease or PPA agreement?

Monitoring of your SunPower solar system allows for a holistic view of your electricity production and provides greater insight into your system’s historical data. To track your system's production, your SunPower monitoring system will need to be activated and connected to the internet. To be eligible for the Performance Guarantee* and to be in compliance with the lease or PPA terms, SunPower must monitor the amount of energy your system is generating. This allows SunPower to determine whether your solar system is meeting the production requirements outlined in your performance guarantee. If your SunPower monitoring system is disconnected from the internet for a period of more than one month during the term of your lease or PPA agreement, this will impact your ability to take full advantage of the performance guarantee. For this reason, it is critical that monitoring is installed and continually connected to the internet during the term of your lease or PPA.

What is the performance guarantee rate per kWh calculation?

The energy performance guarantee kWh is based on the monthly payments and the estimated production provided in your agreement. Depending on the type of agreement you have, the performance guarantee rate is calculated as follows:

  • Monthly Lease and PPA: Sum of the monthly payments during the guarantee period divided by the estimated production in the guarantee period = the rate per kWh.

  • Prepaid Lease: Total amount prepaid divided by the expected production over the term of your agreement = the rate per kWh.

  • Partial Prepaid Lease: The partial pre-payment amount divided by the expected production over the term of your agreement + the 12 monthly payments in a year divided by the expected production that year = the rate per kWh.

What is the annual estimate range?

The amount of energy a solar system is capable of producing varies by several factors: the size of the system, the roof pitch, the specific geographic location of your home, the direction the system faces and the weather. The amount will vary from year to year, just as the amount of sunlight falling on the system varies with the weather.

How does the performance guarantee work?

Per the terms of your lease or PPA agreement, SunPower guarantees that your system will produce within a range of kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electric energy in each guarantee period*. The total kWh produced by the system in a given period is measured by the SunPower Monitoring System installed with your system. At the end of each guarantee period, you will receive a personalized statement outlining your system's energy generation from the previous guarantee period, including any credits applicable to your account. See the Performance Guarantee section of your agreement for details.