FAQ about lease roles and responsibilities

Other obligations

For any other obligations not mentioned here, please refer to your lease contract and Production Guarantee.

What are SunPower’s obligations as the lessor?

  • Service all system components in accordance with the warranty.

  • Maintain insurance on the system.

  • Monitor all systems connected to the SunPower Monitoring System.

  • Provide a Production Guarantee for all eligible systems.

  • Comply with all terms and conditions of your lease.

What are my obligations as a lessee (Homeowner)?

  • Make timely lease payments to SunPower.

  • Do not adjust, modify, or perform any unauthorized service on any part of the system.

  • Provide SunPower reasonable access to your system in the event of a service request.

  • Notify SunPower within 24 hours if you discover your system is not working properly.

  • Notify SunPower within 24 hours of any loss or damage to your system.

  • Notify SunPower of your intent to sell your home at least 30 days prior to the expected sale.

  • Maintain your high-speed Internet connection and the SunPower Monitoring System connection, which may include Ethernet Adapters that must remain plugged into a wall outlet (and not a power strip).

  • Comply with all terms and conditions of your lease.