Designing for a Solar-Powered Future in Charlotte

Quick Stats

Location: Charlotte, NC

System Size: 11 kW

System Type: SunPower Equinox®

Est. Energy Offset: 100%

Est. Lifetime Savings: $28,000

For homeowner Kevin T., healthy and energy-efficient architectural design is a part of life. As an architect who specializes in designing therapeutic healthcare spaces, Kevin understands the importance of living in a healthy environment. So, when designing his own home in Charlotte, NC, he was sure to incorporate green-building principals and home solar into the plan.

From the foundation to the rooftop, his home is a model of sustainable design. Built on a small footprint, the three-story edifice is extremely energy-efficient, and an estimated 100% of all electricity consumed by the home is offset by a rooftop SunPower® solar system. An EV charging station completes the project's intentional focus on sustainable living.

Choosing the right home solar

When evaluating his choices for home solar, Kevin contacted multiple local solar companies in the Charlotte area. Ultimately, the team at Tayco Electric & Solar won him over for their strong reputation for service and the sleek design and high quality of SunPower solar panels, which Tayco offers.

"We had a challenging site for solar, but working with Tayco, we found a solution that works," Kevin explains. "So far this year we have generated approximately 13% more energy than we have used, so we are very happy with the result."

The 11 kW SunPower Equinox® system features 33 all-black 335 watt panels as well as all the components needed to generate clean energy onsite, from the AC panels with integrated microinverters to the SunPower® InvisiMount® racking system, designed to work seamlessly as one system.

Saving money and saving the planet

The energy savings from solar translate to direct financial savings as well. Kevin will save an estimated $28,000 on electricity costs over the life of the system.

In addition, the SunPower system will offset more than nine metric tons of carbon dioxide every year, which is equivalent to removing the greenhouse gas emissions from driving two passenger cars for a full year.*

"I believe all the best choices in life are explained with the words 'it is the right thing to do,'" Kevin says. "Adding solar panels to net out the energy we use was just the right thing to do."

With a little forethought and planning, a new home can be good for the planet, and good for the pocketbook, too.