California Family Attains Solar Energy Independence

Quick Facts

Location: Clovis, CA
System Size: 9.25 kW
Products Installed: SunPower Equinox® System with InvisiMount®

A family in Clovis, California were embarking on a home remodel and wanted to include a complete energy makeover in the design. Concerned about grid reliability issues and the ever-increasing cost of electricity in California, they focused on a solar-plus-storage energy system to provide backup battery power for their newly remodeled home.

As savvy consumers with a Mid-Century modern house, the family places a high priority on both quality and aesthetics. After thorough research, they concluded that the high performance and sleek, solar panel design of a SunPower Equinox® system with InvisiMount® racking was the best of both worlds.

Working with local SunPower by Quality Home Services (QHS)—a Fresno-based solar installer and SunPower Master Dealer—the family also learned that SunPower was the best option for their energy requirements and limited roof space. By installing SunPower® solar—the most efficient1 panels on the market—the family can generate more power for their home with fewer panels than a conventional system.

"The knowledge of the SunPower by QHS team gave us confidence and peace of mind that we were choosing the best brand of solar panels with SunPower, as well as an installation partner that is highly rated for quality and service," said homeowner Jill.

Safeguarding their home from utility shutdowns or failure was the primary goal of the energy makeover. The new system allows the family to run their entire home—and their new energy-efficient appliances—with solar energy and tap into battery backup for essential appliances2 in the event of a local or statewide utility outage. But they'll also enjoy incredible savings as result.

The project demonstrates that for most families today, going solar isn't just about the environmental benefits. Sustainability combined with energy savings make it a win-win for everyone.

Learn more and create your own home solar design today with SunPower Design Studio.


California Solar Installation

  • 1. Based on survey of datasheet values from websites of top 20 manufacturers per IHS, as of Jan. 2020.
  • 2. "Essential Appliances" are determined by the homeowner before installation and typically include lights, select appliances and outlets for devices. The battery storage system should not be relied upon as a power source for critical medical devices. The life of the battery storage system will vary depending on a number of factors, including, but not limited to: the amount of energy stored in the battery, the amount of wattage used by the appliances and electronics connected to the battery storage system, the age of the battery, the battery's ability to recharge during daylight hours due to weather, the frequency and duration of battery usage, and other factors. Battery life will decrease with time and use.