Award Winning Solar Installation in San Diego

Quick Facts

Location: Rancho Santa Fe, California

System Size: 32 kW

Products Installed: SunPower Equinox® System with InvisiMount®

When San Diego homeowner Darin S. embarked on a solar journey for his energy-smart home, he wanted to reduce his carbon footprint and utility costs. But preserving the aesthetic of his Rancho Santa Fe neighborhood, known for its scenic vistas and stunning ocean sunsets, was equally important.

A successful tech entrepreneur, Darin did his homework on solar technology, and decided a high-powered solar system with a minimalist design would be the ideal fit. For his needs, the SunPower Equinox® system struck the perfect balance of form and function. Producing up to 55% more power in the same space over 25 years than conventional solar systems,* the SunPower® system requires fewer panels while offering superior design flexibility.

Installing a ballasted SunPower solar system on the home's multiple flat roofs was the ideal solution for a house in Rancho Santa Fe, a city that prides itself on being an idyllic place to live and work. Ultimately, the high performance and sleek design of SunPower panels coupled with SunPower's Complete Confidence Warranty sealed the deal.

Darin's due diligence also led him to Stellar Solar, an award-winning SunPower dealer of over 20 years in Oceanside, California. He requested a seamless design that required both expertise and ingenuity, and Stellar Solar delivered. In the end, a 32-kilowatt (kW) system fit the home's energy needs without compromising the visual appeal of the residence in any way.

The entire system was carefully designed to ensure not a single solar panel or inch of conduit was visible from the grounds of the expansive property. Additionally, Stellar Solar ensured the system was storage- and EV-charge-station-ready, which was also imperative to the homeowner.

"Stellar Solar's knowledge of SunPower technology was unmatched by other companies, and their attention to detail during our system's installation was impressive," Darin noted. 

In fact, for its innovative design coupled with Stellar Solar's outstanding customer service, the project received the coveted 2020 SunPower Intelegant Award, which recognizes projects with outstanding system aesthetics, quality and performance, as well as customer satisfaction. The award is a testament to Stellar Solar's ability to exceed expectations on a challenging installation, while meeting Rancho Santa Fe's high standards for maintaining curb appeal and neighborhood aesthetics.

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