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The state of solar power in New York, NY

The climate crisis has forced people to rethink their approach to energy consumption. New York has taken the helm with one of the most ambitious climate plans in the country. The state plans to get 70 percent of its electricity from renewable resources by 2030 and to eliminate net greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Solar power has been a crux for moving New York forward with these initiatives. The city has invested more than $5 billion with more than 120,000 installations. As a top market for solar power manufacturers, installers, and developers, the future is bright, as experts project New York to have the seventh-best growth rate over the next half-decade.

How much solar power does New York, NY produce?

New York city makes up roughly 20 percent of the solar power generation in the state. As of 2018, the state produces 1,073 MW, a figure that has quadrupled in the past five years. Here is the installed solar power generation capacity in by borough:

  • Bronx: 25.59 MW

  • Brooklyn: 38.11 MW

  • Manhattan: 7.19 MW

  • Queens: 69.7 MW

  • Staten Island: 67.05 MW

New York is working to expand its current solar footprint, too. The city is planning on installing a 50 MW solar farm on a closed landfill. New Yorkers are also converting thousands of rooftops into solar power sources with Manhattan and the Bronx leading the way.

Is solar power generation feasible in New York, NY?

SunPower provides solar panels in New York City

Despite its reputation for being dreary and overcast, New York gets more sunshine than the average city. New Yorkers see 224 sunny days compared to the national average of 205. It also has a comparable UV index, which measures a city’s exposure to ultraviolet sunshine, at 3.8 versus 4.3 for cities across the United States.

Currently, the state is a beacon when it comes to solar power generation. In 2019, it ranked ninth in the country in terms of solar energy production while producing 1.67 percent of the state’s electricity. That includes more than 300,000 homes that receive direct power from solar energy.

How can I start using solar in New York, NY?

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