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The state of solar power in Newark, NJ

When thinking of Newark, NJ, the New Jersey Devils, Seton Hall Law School, Branch Brook Park, and its proximity to New York, all come to mind - but another point that merits inclusion is its dedication to solar power. According to Environment California and The Frontier Group, Newark is one of the top 20 cities for solar energy.

Newark's presence on the list is remarkable considering its size and climate. Cities, such as Miami, Anaheim, and Houston, all have more people and more sunshine. Still, Newark produces more solar energy than each of them.

The city has become a leader in solar energy thanks in part to Governor Phil Murphy's commitment to renewable resources. New Jersey is hyper-competitive with its Solar Renewable Energy Credits and rebate programs. It also has more than 700 manufacturers, installers, and other solar-related businesses.

How much solar power does Newark, NJ produce?

Newark may be small, but it is mighty. The city is part of a state-wide investment in solar power that produces the seventh most solar power of any state, including New York, Colorado, and Pennsylvania. As of November 2019, it creates 207,000 megawatt-hours per month.

Is solar power generation feasible in Newark, NJ?

Newark goes solar with SunPower

Newark is one of the most representative states when it comes to the feasibility of solar power. It receives 206 sunny days per year while the rest of the United States averages 205. Furthermore, Newark has a UV index, which measures a location's exposure to ultraviolet sunlight, of 3.7 compared to 4.3 for the national average.

Here is the bottom line—the climate in Newark is conducive to solar power. It is why the state has invested almost $9 billion in solar energy, which directly powers nearly half a million homes. Additionally, 4.45 percent of the electricity in New Jersey comes from the sun. That percentage will only rise as prices for installation continue to fall.

Additionally, experts predict Newark will grow over the next five years in the solar industry. According to projections, its estimated 20,008 MW over the next half-decade makes it the tenth best market. There are also attractive rebate programs and zero-down payment options to encourage more people to invest in renewable energy.

How can I start using solar in Newark, NJ?

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