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The state of solar in Las Vegas

The Entertainment Capital of the World is a powerful advocate for solar energy production. The city’s government relies 100% on renewable energy sources. Las Vegas, NV, also has a strong stance on clean, sustainable energy and strongly encourages residents to embrace solar energy.

Going solar makes sense in Las Vegas. The area has an annual average of 294 sunny days, far exceeding the national average of 205.* With so much sun, about 96% of the buildings in Las Vegas are solar-viable.* A city graced with so much sunshine is perfect for solar energy generation.

Instead of offering solar incentives to private residential consumers, Nevada focuses on large-scale business and community projects. The state offers a Renewable Energy Tax Abatement program through the Governor's Office of Energy (GOE) for businesses that create renewable energy facilities. That office also awards partial sales tax, use tax, and property-tax abatements to these companies.

Another program for business owners and community organizations is the Lower Income Solar Energy Program (LISEP),. LISEP provides incentives for businesses that offer solar PV systems serving people with limited resources, such as those in low-income housing and homeless shelters.

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How much solar energy does Las Vegas produce?

According to the Shining Cities 2020 report, Las Vegas ranked seventh among U.S. cities for solar installations per capita, with 164.1 watts of electricity per person. The city has over 3,100 existing installations capable of generating 2,100 megawatts (MW) of electricity (a megawatt is one million watts).*

In June 2021, MGM Resorts announced the most recent large solar installation, the MGM Resorts Mega Solar Array—a 640-acre array with over 300,000 solar panels.* The project should generate 100 MW that will provide 90% of the daytime power for the company’s resorts on the Vegas Strip—the equivalent of powering 27,000 homes.

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What are the advantages of going solar in Las Vegas?

Going solar in Las Vegas is well worth the investment. Thanks to the city’s near-perfect location with abundant sunshine, installing solar panels on your property will probably reduce your energy bills. Las Vegas receives an average of 6.5 hours of fixed-tilt sunlight hours a day, which is more than enough time to generate power for your home’s daily energy needs.*

Once your system is fully installed, it will begin producing energy and reduce your dependence on the local electrical grid. You’ll see immediate savings on your energy bill. Your home may also have a higher resale value due to the solar panel installation.

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What’s the best way to go solar in Las Vegas?

Before going solar in Las Vegas, it’s best to seek the services of a qualified solar provider. Many details about your home, energy needs, and budget will contribute to the style and quantity of the solar PV panels you will need. Working with a licensed solar installer will streamline the process and help you go solar faster and more efficiently.

Before meeting with a solar installer, use a savings calculator to quickly build a custom solar system design for your home. This virtual design will help you estimate how much money you’ll save on electric bills and the amount of power your system will produce.

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