The City of Palms thrives on solar energy

The state of solar in Fort Myers

If there’s such thing as a perfect community for solar energy, Fort Myers definitely qualifies. The city enjoys an average of 271 sunny days per year—32% more than the national average.* Around 94% of rooftops in the city limits are solar-viable.*

How much solar energy does Fort Myers produce?

While Fort Myers does not track its solar installations, the area is home to several solar farms. The Babcock Ranch Florida Power & Light Company (FLP) Solar Energy Center is home to over 600,000 solar panels with a capacity of 149 MW.

Battery storage allows the center to continue to supply electricity to customers throughout the Lee County area even after sunset.* FLP also has 13 solar trees and two small parking lot solar canopies in the county.*

What are the advantages of going solar in Fort Myers?

Air conditioning is a summertime necessity in Fort Myers. That's true in spring, fall, and winter. The average electricity rates in Florida are higher than most other states, which means the cost of running your air conditioner is higher too. Adding solar panels to your home makes staying comfortable more affordable.

Switching to green energy solutions like solar also provides real benefits not just for the environment but also for your home, family, and entire Fort Myers community. With Florida experiencing rising sea levels, more intense storms, stronger winds, and greater flooding due to climate change, the potential for damage to homes and businesses, as well as the cost of insurance, will rise. Solar energy is carbon neutral and helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to these environmental changes.

How much does solar cost in Fort Myers?

The state of solar in Fort Myers

The cost of a home solar system can vary, even in the same city, due to a range of factors. These include:

  • Local weather

  • Household’s energy needs

  • Roof angle

  • Shaded roof space

  • Quality of the solar system

To help you understand the price of going solar in your area, we've analyzed SunPower price quotes, as well as quotes gathered by third-party sources for thousands of homeowners across the country.* In Florida, we found that the cost of owning a 5 kW solar system ranges from $11,305 to $15,295, or in other words, from $2.26 to $3.06 per watt. And that's before considering the benefits of any available tax credits or incentives.

Florida’s 6% state sales tax quickly adds up on large purchases, but thanks to the Solar and CHP Sales Tax Exemption, you won't have to factor that into the cost of your new solar system. Nor will it impact your property taxes because Florida excludes 100% of the added value for homeowners and 80% for businesses. You also may be able to take advantage of the 26% federal solar tax credit.*

What’s the best way to go solar in Fort Myers?

Going solar may be the obvious choice financially and environmentally, but you’ll probably need help with the decisions that follow.

  • What size and type of system will meet your energy needs and fit your budget?

  • How can solar and battery storage increase the selling price of your home?

  • Should you invest in energy storage equipment, sell surplus power back to FLP, or both?

A reputable solar provider will provide you with a system design, price quote, including any available tax credits or rebates, and an overview of your potential electricity cost savings. During your consultation, you can also ask any questions you may have about solar power or the installation process.

Get started now by requesting a consultation. We'll contact you to find a time that works best with your schedule. You can also call us directly at (800) 786-7693.

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