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The state of solar in San Diego

Few cities can beat America’s Finest City when it comes to solar energy. Thanks to an average of 266 sunny days a year and recent solar installations, San Diego, CA, holds one of the top spots in the nation for solar energy production.* More than 94% of the city’s buildings are solar-viable.*

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How much solar energy does San Diego produce?

As of 2019, San Diego was ranked No. 2 nationally for solar power capacity, with 294.8 watts per person and 420.38 megawatts solar systems installed (a megawatt is one million watts). However, according to the mayor’s office and a report from Environment California, San Diego now has the highest solar capacity in the country, thanks to recent solar installations.*

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What are the advantages of going solar in San Diego?

By going solar, you can immediately see a reduction in your monthly utility bill because the solar systems in San Diego usually generate power that’s less expensive that what you can buy from the utility company.

The inclusion of solar panels on your home also can boost your property value at a national average of more than 4%. In addition, California offers a 100% property tax exemption on solar PV systems so that you retain the total increase in value.

Most solar providers offer 20- to 25-year warranties on their solar systems and equipment. The panels require little to no maintenance. Their durability, efficiency, and full warranties ensure that your system will generate clean energy for years to come.

How much does solar cost in San Diego?san diego solar.

The cost of a home solar system can vary, even among houses in the same city, due to a range of factors. These factors include the:

  • Quality of solar panels

  • Solar installer

  • Location, size, and shape of the roof

  • Household’s energy needs

  • Weather

To help you understand the price of going solar in your area, we’ve analyzed SunPower price quotes as well as quotes gathered by third-party sources for thousands of homeowners across the country.*

In San Diego, we found that the average investment to own a 5 kilowatt solar system——ranges from $13,100 to $45,000. Or, in other words, it will cost from $2.62 to $9.00 per watt—and that’s before considering the benefits of any available tax credits or incentives.

A measure of energy output, a kilowatt-hour (kWh) is 1,000 watts (a kilowatt) producing energy for one hour. The average U.S. household uses just over 900 kWh per month.*

At the federal level, all citizens can claim the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) on their income taxes. The ITC gives new solar system owners a 26% tax credit for the cost of a solar system, its installation, and permitting.

San Diego residents can also participate in California solar incentives like the Single-Family Affordable Solar Homes program from GRID Alternatives. It provides incentives to help low- and fixed-income households afford solar systems.

Net metering makes solar more attractive as well. Some utility companies, like San Diego Gas & Electric, offer this program, allowing customers to connect their solar systems to meters that feed into the local electrical grid. When the panels generate an overflow of electricity, the surplus goes into the grid, saving you additional money on electric bills.*

Please note that tax credits and incentives are subject to change. Similarly, the availability of net metering varies by location and is subject to change. Visit dsireusa.org for detailed solar policy information.

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