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    Solar energy: It just makes sense in San Bernardino

The state of solar in San Bernardino

San Bernardino sees more than 300 sunny days each year, so it comes as no surprise that more and more residents are installing solar energy systems. The city has greatly increased its solar energy production over the past decade, a laudable step toward its stated goal of self-reliance as a community to meet its own energy needs.

How much solar power does San Bernardino produce?

Currently, 11% of San Bernardino County's electricity output comes from solar thermal production, and 3-7% comes from solar photovoltaic production. The county estimates that it has the highest potential of any location in the United States for even greater solar energy production.*

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What are the advantages of going solar in San Bernardino?

Going solar in San Bernardino offers myriad advantages to residential and commercial property owners. To start, installing a solar system can reduce your electricity bills. San Bernardino electricity rates are almost 35% higher* than the national average, so these savings add up quickly.

If your solar system produces excess power, you can store it in a battery storage system – for use at night or during a power outage – or sell it back to your utility company. This process, through which the power company credits solar energy system owners for their electricity, is called net metering.*

Going solar also contributes to California's push for clean energy. In 2018, California passed a law requiring that 60% of that state's energy come from clean energy sources by 2030 and 100% by 2045.

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  • *. The availability of net metering varies by location and is subject to change. You can also visit the dsireusa.org website for detailed solar policy information.

How much does going solar cost in San Bernardino?

San Bernadino Solar

The cost of a home solar system can vary, even in the same city, due to a range of factors, including the:

  • Angle and type of the roof

  • Percentage of shaded roof space

  • Household's energy needs

  • Local weather

  • Quality of the solar panels

To help you understand the price of going solar in your area, we've analyzed SunPower price quotes, as well as quotes gathered by third-party sources,* for thousands of homeowners across the country.

In San Bernardino, we found that the cost of purchasing 5 kW solar system ranges from $13,850 to $28,000, or in other words, from $2.77 to $5.60 per watt. And that's before considering the benefits of any available tax credits or incentives.

Here are a few of the incentives available to San Bernardino property owners:

  • The federal government offers the Investment Tax Credit (ITC). Qualified homeowners who purchase rather than lease their solar system can claim a credit valued at 26% of the cost of their system if it's installed in 2021 or 2022.*

  • The state of California offers the Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP). The program was established in 2001 with a step-down system (rebates reduce with each step). It is currently in step six, with rebates of up to $200 per kilowatt-hour (kWh) of installed solar battery storage. You must be a customer of PG&E, SCE, SCG, or SDG&E to apply.

The value added to your home by installing a solar system is also 100% exempt on your property taxes, and the purchase of your equipment is exempt from California's 6% sales tax.*

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  • *. Tax credits subject to change. SunPower does not warrant, guarantee or otherwise advise its partners or customers about specific tax outcomes. Consult your tax advisor regarding the solar tax credit and how it applies to your specific circumstances. Please visit the dsireusa.org website for detailed solar policy information.
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What's the best way to go solar in San Bernardino?

With so many solar energy systems on the market, choosing the right system can be tough. Solar systems may vary in quality, durability, and appearance.

A representative from SunPower can help you evaluate which solar system will best meet your needs. Some factors to consider should include how much space you have for solar panels, whether you want to produce just enough energy for your own needs or produce excess to transfer back to the grid or store onsite, and how much money you want to invest upfront.

SunPower is committed to helping California property owners find high-quality solar systems that fit their energy needs.

Get started now by requesting your consultation. We'll follow-up with quick call to schedule a time. You're also welcome to call us directly at (800) 786-7693.

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