Bavaria Solarpark Exceeds Energy Expectations

Based on the consistent performance of this groundbreaking solar installation, we look forward to working with SunPower to develop additional large-scale systems throughout Europe.”

– Janine Schellhorn, Chief Managing Director, Deutsche Structured Finance

The Bavaria Solarpark—the world’s largest solar photovoltaic power installation when it was built—was solely an idea in 2004. It would have remained that way without Germany’s amendment to the Renewable Energy Act, creating a 20-year feed-in tariff solar power purchase guarantee. Recognizing an attractive investment opportunity, Deutsche Structured Finance (DSF) decided to invest in the project. DSF chose to partner with SunPower due to the competitive advantages of the SunPower® Tracker, including significant more energy production than fixed-tilt solar systems, low-maintenance, single-axis tracking with few moving parts, and guaranteed system performance for 10 years.

SunPower Offers Deutche Structured Finance a 10-Year Performance Guarantee

In 2004, DSF and its investment partners sought a turnkey solution—developer-and-designer-in-one—for the Bavaria solarpark project. DSF’s due diligence revealed SunPower could deliver the best return on its investment. SunPower was chosen for its low-maintenance, high-performance solar tracking solution. In addition, SunPower guaranteed system performance for 10 years.

SunPower Tracker Generates More Power Than Fixed-Tilt Systems

Completed in 2004, Bavaria’s 10-megawatt, ground-mounted solar power system uses SunPower Tracker technology to generate clean, reliable electricity by following the sun throughout the day—producing significantly more power than fixed-tilt systems. Spanning 3 sites, the Bavaria Solar park is among the largest solar systems in the world. Herds of sheep graze beneath the PV panels, while planted vegetation helps the panels blend into the surrounding landscape.

Bavaria Solarpark Generates Superior Returns

During its first two years, the Bavaria Solarpark performed at an average of 110% of expected electricity production—enough to power 9,000 homes in the region. With guaranteed fixed incentive rates in Germany, DSF and its investment partners can count on receiving a consistent return on investment for the next 20 years.

Project Partners

Project Designer and Developer:
        SunPower Corporation
Project Finance:
        Deutsche Structured Finance
Solar Panel Manufacturer:
        Sharp Corporation
Permit and Land Rights:
        K&S Consulting
Civil Construction:
        Joint Venture Max Bogl/Klebl
Electrical Equipment:
        Siemens AG

Project Overview

Location:    Bavaria, Germany
3 Sites:    

  • Solarpark Muhlhausen: 6.27 MW
  • Solarpark Gunching: 1.9 MW
  • Solarpark Minihof: 1.9 MW

Completed:    December 2004
Installation Type:    Ground System
System Size:    10.08 MW
Solar Park Area:    40 hectares, or 100 acres
Number of PV Modules:    57,618
Products:    SunPower® Tracker

  • Generates enough solar energy to power 9,000 homes
  • Performed at 110% of expected output during its first 2 years,with continued, consistent performance
  • Awarded Best Renewable Project of 2005 by Power Engineering Magazine.