How to troubleshoot ICD in SunPower Monitoring System (SMS 3.x – Power Manager)

Have you ever encountered an error in your SunPower Customer Portal stating that there is lost communication in your system or does your SunPower Monitoring System display “NO COMM”?

If this happens, it is possible that you have an Internet Communication Down (ICD). This means that your SunPower system doesn’t report production to the SunPower server. In order to perform basic troubleshooting steps, you need to understand the SMS 3.x set up.


Components of SunPower Monitoring System (SMS 3.x – Power Manager)

Power Manager – directly connected to AC Breaker and can use Power Line Communication (PLC) to collect data from an individual module. This unit can be connected through hardwire or through PLC to the router through Lan port.
power manager

power manager inside


Ethernet adapters or PLC – Models (Asoka and Zyxel) may vary in color but they all have three status indicator lights.
ethernet adapter


Asoka BAsoka A



Zyxel AZyxel BZyxel C


Troubleshooting steps

Below are the troubleshooting steps that you can perform for this type of error. Note: Please make sure that you have an internet connection before doing the steps.

For Hardwired connections:

Power cycle the Power Manager unit from the AC breaker.

For Ethernet adapter/PLC connections:

  1. Check if the ethernet adapter PLC (PLC – a small white/black device plugged into a wall socket that has a SunPower logo, should have three green lights) is plugged into a power outlet, not a power strip. If it is not, then plug it into a power outlet. If it is plugged into a power outlet, unplug and re-plug.

  2. Check light status after two minutes. It should have 3 green lights.

How can you check for the type of monitoring system do you have?

System components and serial numbers can be found under Settings > System Components in your SunPower Customer Portal or in your SunPower Lease Agreement.