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  1. Video: Five Steps to Going Solar

    Going solar doesn't have to be complex. In this two-minute video, SunPower Energy Consultant Whitney Torres explains how to get home solar panels.


  2. New Jersey Solar Homeowner Enjoys $4 Utility Bills

    Meet John Hall of Ramsey, New Jersey, a new SunPower® solar lease customer who recently shared his excitement over paying just $4.53 a month to his utility.*

  3.  East Coast Homeowner Chooses SunPower Solar Twice

    If you’re deciding whether to go solar and/or whether to go solar with SunPower, you might want to hear what East Coast homeowner Paul Devoy has to say.

    Devoy, an engineer, had SunPower solar panels installed on his home in New Jersey and was so impressed by the return on his investment that he’s having a SunPower solar system installed on his new home in North Carolina.

  4. Design a SunPower Home Solar System Today in 30 Seconds

    Today we’re excited to announce SunPower Design Studio, an interactive web app that enables homeowners to create their own home solar designs in less than 30 seconds.

    When trying to understand solar savings, homeowners often spend hours online sorting through websites and trying savings calculators. To understand true savings — and to see what solar might look like on your roof — you need a personalized solar system design.

  5. 4 Reasons to Buy a SunPower Equinox® Home Solar System With Storage

    Today we announced our new all-in-one Equinox Storage home solar system with a storage battery, with limited availability starting in California and a wider nationwide release in 2020. Here are four reasons why you should consider it if you're thinking about going solar.

  6. Estimate How Much Can You Save With Solar

    We get asked, “How much do solar panels save?” every day.

  7. IBC vs. PERC: What's the Best Type of Solar Panel

    Solar manufacturers are always looking for new ways to make solar cells more efficient, so there are different types of solar panel technologies for customers to choose from, offering varying levels of efficiency and reliability.

  8. Learn How to Go Solar

    Solar power helps homeowners save money on energy bill, so if you’re dreading those high electricity bills this summer, you may want to find out: How do I go solar?

  9. A Quick Guide to Going Solar

    If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to save money on your electricity bills and/or lead a more green life, you might consider switching to a renewable energy such as emission-free solar power.

  10. Go Solar in Four Easy Steps This Year