Experiential Learning. Expanding Opportunities.®

The SunPower Horizons® Solar Education Program


Hands-on education to prepare students for college and careers in the clean energy sector

30,877+ students and 39+ districts from 2010 to 2020

Enhances district program offerings at no additional cost to the district.

SunPower Horizons Summary Chart

Complete and Customizable STEM Solar Education Solutions.

Mix and match components of the SunPower Horizons® Program to suit your particular students' and educators' needs. There are three types of renewable and solar energy program components: in the classroom, in the field, and professional development for educators.

Free Solar Lessons

A bright future begins with our students. Get started today with our free solar education material, grades 3-6.



Experiment with solar energy through question asking and hands-on exploration.

Cartoon: Lucas and Satelli Discovering Energy

A 4-minute cartoon discusses energy, specifically photovoltaic solar energy.

Solarama Junior Editorial

A 4-page magazine with short illustrated articles and informational games.