Yarmoffs Save 84% on Their Electric Bills with SunPower

“We felt it was time to start walking the walk regarding the planet instead of waiting for someone else to pick up the ball.”

– Erica & David Yarmoff, Homeowners, Westport, CT

Don't be fooled. Erika & David Yarmoff’s colonial-style, Westport home may be historic. But the rooftop has a modern touch. Seamless, barely-detectable solar panels are saving the Yarmoffs 84% on their electric bills—while reducing their carbon footprint. It all started in August 2007, when the Yarmoffs decided to go solar. Their SunPower® residential solar electric system—one of the largest residential systems in Connecticut—produces more than 13,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) of energy a year. And, it helps the Yarmoffs promote solar power to everyone they know.

Historic Home Is Ideal Candidate For Solar Power

While researching residential solar energy options, David Yarmoff discovered the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund (CCEF) Solar Rebate Program. The Fund listed several solar vendors, but David chose Sunlight Solar, a SunPower Premier Dealer, for its professional service, knowledge, and experience. An initial consultation revealed his home was a perfect candidate for solar. Facing nearly due south, the roof had an optimal pitch and very little shading.

The Yarmoffs’ initial concerns over how solar panels would integrate with their home’s classic colonial architecture dissolved when they saw the SunPower solar panels. Not only did the panels’ black, aesthetically appealing appearance blend into the roof line, but they also provided the highest efficiency in the market place. After meeting with Glenn Cucinell, Sunlight Solar’s systems designer, the Yarmoffs decided to cover the roof with 56 wall-to-wallpanels to create a totally seamless look. "They look like they belong on the house, mounted a mere two inches off the roof," David said.

Solar Panels Provide All-In-One Power, Protection, and Insulation

The Yarmoffs discovered some additional, unexpected benefits after installation.The SunPower panels help insulate the house as well as protect the roof. And,with skyrocketing energy prices, a negligible electric bill is a big plus. The Yarmoffs plan to cover the garage roof with more panels in the future, once a geothermal program becomes available.

Project Overview

Location:    Westport, Connecticut
System Size:    11.5 kW
PV Surface Area:    756 SF
Number of Panels:    56
Products:    SunPower® 205 Solar Panels

  • Reduces reliance on power plants
  • Integrates nicely with existing rooftop
  • Panels provide additional roof insulation
  • Reduces electric bills by 90% in summer months
  • Will reduce harmful carbon emissions by 10,000 lbs annually--equivalent to not driving 12,600 miles