Jessica and Mark Matus Enjoy First Home and First $12 Electric Bill, Thanks to SOLARplus and SunPower

“When you’re looking at homes, you should consider solar along with square footage. The tax credits the first year are amazing. It’s also a great selling point when you want to sell your home again. And there’s absolutely no sacrifice. I still run my dishwasher, and I still run the heater when it’s cold. But I feel less guilty.”

– Jessica Matus, Homeowner, Cazadero Community, Rancho Cordova, CA

Tax auditor Jessica Matus takes the same care looking for a new home that she takes analyzing financials. She and then-fiancé Mark Matus spent two years looking at more than 100 homes throughout Sacramento. Only one made the cut: A home in Lennar’s Cazadero community in Rancho Cordova,which combined energy-efficient features with a SunPower® SunTile® roof-integrated solar system. After marrying in September 2007, the couple moved into their new home in January. Taking care to find the right home paid off. Their first energy bill of $12 bodes well for more low bills to come.

Co-Worker's Low Energy Bills Inspire Couple to Go Solar

After marrying in September 2007, Jessica and Mark Matus bought a single story,1,822-square-foot home in Lennar’s Cazadero community in Rancho Cordova. They chose Cazadero because it was the only community to combine energy-efficiency features with a SunPower solar system. Jessica’s coworker, who lived in a solar-powered home, frequently boasted of $15energy bills. The couple wanted to save money while doing the right thing.“We were hoping the solar system would help offset some of that new home cost,” Jessica said. “And we loved that Lennar built energy efficiency into the home from the inside.”

SOLARplus Energy-Efficient Home Makes Meter Run Backwards

Like every new home in Lennar’s Cazadero community, Jessica’s and Mark’s came with SOLARplus, an energy-efficient system whose features include a radiant heat barrier, high-efficiency lighting and appliances, dual-glazed windows, and a SunPower SunTile 2.3 kW roof-integrated solar system.Everything works together to maximize Jessica’s and Mark’s energy savings,which the couple monitors online. “We can watch our meter running backwards,” Jessica said. A roof-integrated solar system means they don’t have to sacrifice appearances. “The solar tiles really blend in,” Jessica said.“They’re aesthetically pleasing and look just like they are a part of your roof.”

Couple’s Monthly Electric Bil Drops from $200 to $12

After watching their electric bill plummet from $200 to $12 in the first month,Jessica and Mark were already singing the praises of their SOLARplus home.Despite a cold winter, their utility bills stayed low, due to SOLARplus energy efficiency features. “I turn on the heater for five minutes,” Jessica said. “It stays warm for hours because it’s so sealed.” The summer months, with their longer days, promise even greater savings. The couple expects to sell power back to the grid. “I think we’ll end up zeroing out our bill,” Jessica said.

Project Overview

Location:    Cazadero Community, Rancho Cordova, California
System size:    2.3 kWp