Solar panels on the Frazier home in Boulder, Colorado

“It’s cool that the system doesn’t require you to do ‘x, y, z.’ You don’t have to turn the panels to face the sun. There aren’t any switches. It just does what it does—it’s as reliable as the water. There’s no burden on me. I thought there would be more involvement.”

– Kate Frazier Holiday, Development Homeowner, Boulder, CO

Colorado homeowner Kate Frazier doesn’t have many bad days. But when they happen, she handles them in an unusual, but effective, way. She takes a look at her electric meter, which sometimes goes backwards.

Community Interest Gains Momentum

When Kate Frazier moved from Miami to Boulder in late 2007, she began adjusting to a new culture, a new climate, and a new set of co-workers. And, because she liked the idea of being more sustainable, she bought a new home—her first—equipped with a solar power system installed by Independent Power Systems, a SunPower Elite Dealer.

“I felt really inspired by what they’d put together, and by the prospect of reducing my carbon footprint,” she said.“You could tell the community had a lot of heart for the project and were very enthusiastic. And, from a financial perspective, it seemed like a good investment. It’s the kind of home that will have more value over time.”

Kate Frazier Saves $600 A Year With Award-Winning Solar System

Within two months of moving in, Kate received a check from her electric company because her system over-produced. She estimates she’ll save $600 a year. But living in a sustainable home does more than reduce her electric bill. It changes her habits, too. From eliminating her 12-pack water-buying habit and recycling, to using energy-efficient light bulbs, Kate is inspired to live more sustainably. In the future, she may also consider switching her hot water heater from electric to solar power.

Independent Power Systems won the 2007 SunPower ‘Intelegant Award for Excellence’ in residential solar system installation due to their work at Holiday. SunPower Intelegant Awards recognize residential SunPower solar electric power system installations that exemplify SunPower’s commitment to excellence in aesthetics, quality and performance.

Project Overview

Location:    Boulder, Colorado
System Size:    4.3 kW
PV Surface Area:    270 sq ft
Number of Panels:    20
Products:    SunPower® 215 Solar Panels

  • Saves Kate $600 a year with clean, solar power
  • Attractive design integrates seamlessly with rooftop
  • Will reduce carbon emissions by 379,000 lbs over 30 years, equivalent to planting 60 acres of trees or not driving 473,000 miles
  • Won the SunPower 2007 'Intelegant Award for Excellence' in residential solar system installation