Burton Family Powers Home and Business with SunPower SunTile

“I would never live without solar power again. It would feel archaic, like I was going back in time. It’s changed our life so much—we don’t feel tied into another expense every month. How much better can it get? It doesn't bother me, it helps the planet. You do the math.”

– Paige Burton, Homeowner, Avaron Community, San Diego, CA

When the Burton family decided to buy a new home, they hadn’t thought much about solar power. Their first priority? Finding a home that would fit them, their printing business, two kids, and a cat. They found the right place in a 4,600-square-foot two-story home in San Diego’s Avaron community. And then they braced for the large electricity bills. But instead of paying more, the Burtons pay much less—thanks to a SunPower® SunTile® solar electric system. The solar system now powers the Burtons’ home and business energy needs, cutting their bill by a third. With SunPower, the Burtons don’t have to choose between energy savings and comfort.

Burtons Relocate Family-and Family Business-to Sustainable Home

Although the Burtons owned a pesticide-free ranch in Northern California and a green printing business, they knew little about solar power. The Avaron home appealed to them because its layout was ideal for running their printing business from home. When an Avaron sales representative told the Burtons their new home’s solar system would help to meet their energy needs, they were optimistically curious. “I wasn’t sure if it would work or how efficient it would be,” Paige Burton said.

Solar Panels Blend Seamlessly into the Roof, Requiring No Maintenance

The SunPower SunTile 2.5 kW roof-integrated system is so inconspicuous on the roof of the family’s house it could be a secret—if the Burtons could resist talking about it. “The panels are built so closely into the house you can barely see them,”Paige said. “It’s painless. And signing up to monitor the system was a breeze. ”In fact, the Burton children—ages 11 and 13—enjoy monitoring the system’s performance online. “They’ll never leave another light on,” Paige said.

Sunpower Cuts Burtons' Electricity Bills and Inspires Greener Lifestyle

The solar system produces more than the Burtons expected, reducing their electric bills by approximately 33%, and qualifying the Burtons for a $2,000 federal tax credit.“We walked outside and the meter was going backwards,” Paige said. “The panels were producing so much energy that we were contributing to the grid. Now I don’t need to worry when the bills come in.” Paige estimates they save $100 a month for electricity, plus saving time and money running their business from home. Having solar power affects more than just their bills. It also inspires them to think beyond their own roof. The Burtons have adopted a “green eating” lifestyle, and encourage their friends to buy homes with solar power. “I would never live without solar power again,” Paige said.

Project Overview

Location:    Avaron Community, San Diego, California
System size:    2.5 kWp