Solar panels on a home in Lincroft, New Jersey

“I compared the value of my solar investment versus a hypothetical 7% per year gain in stocks and bonds. Over a 10-year period I’m expecting to come out ahead. So solar was a good way to diversify my investments.”

– Phillip Blackwood, Homeowner, Lincroft, NJ

Phillip Blackwood had long been fascinated by solar power. When he spoke with solar homeowners he could see how happy they were with their systems, especially when they had already paid for themselves.

After doing some financial calculations, the Blackwoods found that the return on investment for their solar energy system would outperform a hypothetical 7% per year gain in stocks and bonds over a 10-year period. Solar was a great way to diversify their investments.

They also invested in an all-electric car to further cut down on their carbon output. When combined with their SunPower solar panels they will reduce their CO2 output by 30,000 pounds per year.

Typically saving the Blackwood family more than $200 a month, solar has not only been good for the environment, it has also been a good investment.


Location:    Lincroft, New Jersey
System Size:    9.45 kW