Amato Family High Efficiency Solar Panels

“The efficiency of the panels and seeing how much we really did generate was probably the most surprising. It’s pretty exciting to get an electrical bill every month and see a zero.”

– Rebecca Amato, Homeowner, Oakland, CA

As an architect specializing in green building and construction, Rebecca Amato knew she wanted to install a solar energy system on her home. And when her family had the opportunity to do a large addition, she knew it was time.

Faced with limited roof space, which became even smaller due to property line issues, she knew high-efficiency solar panels were a must. “We had limited roof space and SunPower was the most efficient panel. So for the size of our roof, it was a perfect fit for us.”

Besides the cost-savings, residential solar has come with some added benefits. “I love the bragging rights and feeling good about making an environmentally positive change. It’s also great to say “I did it” to my clients and children.”

Project Overview

Location:    Oakland, California
System size:    2.4 kW