• SunPower Foundation

    A commitment to
    Environmental Justice

We believe access to healthy environmental conditions is a fundamental human right. But environmental equity cannot exist until the barriers of systemic racism are dismantled. We aim to correct these inequities in the following areas of focus:

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SunPower Foundation

Our Mission

  • Promote environmental justice through funding and sponsorship of programs and organizations that provide access to solar energy and solar jobs.

  • Facilitate and enable charitable giving and volunteerism by SunPower and its employees.

SunPower Foundation - planting and helping trees

Our Commitment

  • We will do the right thing and be part of the environmental justice movement.

  • Create a world where race, class and political influence do not dictate whether one has access to clean energy jobs, affordable clean energy and a place to live with healthy environmental conditions.

SunPower Foundation - planting and helping trees

Our Annual Goals

  • 50 solar systems in environmental justice communities

  • 250 people solar trained

  • 10 solar access projects

  • $30,000 for local community charities that serve our employees