SunPower Customers Share Their Stories

What’s it really like to have home solar panels? Homeowners share why they chose SunPower and how the decision to go solar has changed their lives.

SunPower Corporation, Solar Energy Equipment, San Jose, CA
IREA Customer

We added Sun Power Solar in 2012 and have had a bill from

Sunpower savings and earnings!

I am a Sunpower customer since August , 2013 and not only

Producing energy and savings

Installed by Sunpower in August 2013 - producing a saving

Accomplishing a major goal for our family.

We've wanted to power our home with solar for many years.

Flawless Execution

The entire process of switching to solar power has been h

the sun powers our lives

100% of our electric demand is covered by our solar syste

Solar Power In Hawaii

The average cost of a monthly electric bill is 30 percent

Not so crazy!

Six years ago when we decided to add solar panels many of


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