Tiffany’s Saves $450,000 Annually with SunPower

The SunPower solar project was one of the best-managed projects that I’ve seen in my 18 to 19 years at Tiffany’s.”

– Lawrence M. Palfini, VP Global Construction & Property Mgmt Services, Tiffany & Co.

As one of the world’s leading premier jewelers, Tiffany & Co. follows a corporate policy to ensure its business practices help to preserve the environment and promote sustainability. Tiffany & Co. wanted a clean, emission-free, and renewable energy solution to generate reliable and cost efficient power. With two large, unused commercial rooftops available, adding solar installations presented the perfect opportunity for Tiffany & Co. to reduce energy costs and their environmental impact. After evaluating solar solutions from several companies, Tiffany’s chose SunPower to install PowerGuard® solar roof systems on two of its distribution centers, which now produce 1,336 kW of electricity -- enough to power 1,330 homes during the daytime. Tiffany’s also worked with the Energy Efficiency team at SunPower to complete high efficiency measures around lighting, which is helping them to further save energy.

Making a Wise Financial Decision

The decision to go solar did not escape the normal business rigor applied to an $8 million investment. Palfini and his team were careful to evaluate financial projections. “I’m happy to say that those expected performance numbers were somewhat conservative. We’re doing better than expected,”said Palfini, a year after the project was completed. The combination of the savings from the solar installation and the energy efficiency measures is saving Tiffany’s $450,000 per year.

Quick and Easy Installation

In the summer of 2006, SunPower completed the installation of two SunPower PowerGuard Roof Systems at Tiffany & Co. distribution centers in New Jersey - a 680 kW system in Whippany, and a 656 kW system in Parsippany. With fewer moving parts and no mechanical roof attachments required, PowerGuard enabled fast and seamless installation. The R10-insulated roof systems additionally provide thermal insulation for the buildings that reduce heating and cooling costs. By protecting the roof surface from harmful, UV-ray degradation, the solar installations also help to extend the life of the roof.

Measures of Excellence

The solar installation has become a new jewel for the company to rally around. Over the next 30 years, these solar installations will help Tiffany &Co. reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 15,500 lbs., which is equivalent to planting 4,110 acres of trees, or removing 3,100 cars from the roads.“Employees take pride in the fact that Tiffany’s has one of the largest solar installations in New Jersey,” Palfini noted.

Project Overview

Location 1:    Whippany, New Jersey
Completed:    Summer 2006
Installation Type:    Commercial Roof
System Size:    680 kW
Energy Production:    781,805 kWh/year
Number of Panels:    3,270
Products and Services:    
SunPower PowerGuard®
SunPower® Energy Efficiency

Location 2:    Parsippany, New Jersey
Date Installed:    Summer 2006
Installation Type:    Commercial Roof
System Size:    656 kW
Energy Production:    754,212 kWh/year
Number of Panels:    3,124
Products and Services:    SunPower PowerGuard

  • Annual energy savings of $450,000
  • Compliance with New Jersey’s Renewable Energy Standards
  • 50% of system cost paid with New Jersey’s Clean Energy rebates