Shiseido saves over $100,000 annually with SunPower Solar Array

SunPower was ready to work hand-in-hand with us throughout the project to ensure our technological and financial success with solar power.”

– Ed Houlihan, VP of Corp. Management, Shiseido America, Inc.

In 1997, Shiseido, the world’s fifth largest cosmetics manufacturer, created an eco-policy to encourage environmentally-conscious practices across all aspects of their business, from recycling to energy-efficient buildings to eco-friendly product packaging. Shiseido began working in 2005 with SunPower to meet their business philosophy of working in harmony with the environment. SunPower offered Shiseido a packaged solution including energy-efficient lighting upgrades combined with a photovoltaic (PV) solar roof system. The expected combined annual energy cost savings from this partnership will exceed 60% of Shiseido’s pre-project electricity costs. The project is the largest single-roof solar system in New Jersey.

SunPower Makes It Easy For Shiseido

Over the years, Shiseido considered several energy conservation programs with marginal benefits. Until SunPower approached them in December 2005, “Solar was something we really wanted to do, but we weren’t sure that we could make the economics work,” says Ed Houlihan, Shiseido’s Vice President of Corporate Management. With quick-and-easy installation that reduces initial cost, and SunPower’s reputation and commitment to providing the best customer experience, Shiseido had the assurance that working with SunPower would prove successful and beneficial for both companies.

Aiming to Exceed Expectations

In April 2007, SunPower completed the turnkey installation of a 699 kW SunPower T10 solar roof system at Shiseido America’s headquarter facilities in New Jersey. Along with the new non-penetrating rooftop system, our Energy Efficiency (EE) team identified a lighting retrofit project for the warehouse and the external corporate campus. The combined solar PV and EE project saves Shiseido over 1 million kWh/yr.

Shieseido Offsets Their Electricity Usage By 35%

By generating enough electricity to power 700 homes during the daytime, Shiseido reduces its energy consumption by 35%. The company offset sits peak electricity use during summer months, when power rates are highest. SunPower also helped Shiseido in the sale of Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) to New Jersey’s load serving entities (LSEs), helping LSEs meet their growing New Jersey Renewable Portfolio Standards. The project’s payback is 6 years – “a solid ROI for equipment that will last well over 30 years,” said Houlihan. Over the next 30 years, Shiseido will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 8,500 tons, which is equal to planting 2,400 acres of trees, or removing 1,700 cars from the roads.

Project Overview

Location:    East Windsor, New Jersey
Completed:    April 2007
Installation Type:    Commercial Roof
System Size:    699 kW
Covered Roof area:    69,280 square feet
Number of Panels:    3,464
Products and Services:    
SunPower T10 Solar Roof Tiles
SunPower Energy Efficiency: lighting retrofit
SunPower Finance: SREC trading

  • Reduced annual energy usage by 35%
  • Avoided annual electric utility costs of over $100,000
  • Long-term sales of Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs)
  • Project payback in 6 years
  • Roof membrane protection: 70% of warehouse covered or shaded by PV