San Francisco’s Moscone Center Demonstrates Environmental Leadership with SunPower® Solar

The Moscone solar project demonstrates the SFPUC’s commitment to implement a long-term, sustainable energy plan for San Francisco.”

– Ed Smeloff, Asst General Manager, SF Public Utilities Commission

2004 Installation of the San Francisco Moscone Center’s 675 Kilowatt (kW) Solar Power System

The Moscone Center energy project marks San Francisco’s first major step toward achieving its goal of obtaining all municipal energy from pollution free sources, while creating jobs and driving economic development. The solar electric power system reduces peak demand from the public utility, reduces electricity costs and provides a reliable source of electricity. “Reliable solar generation benefits both the City and the entire Bay Area region by reducing congestion on the electricity grid, improving air quality, and preventing other environmental impacts,” said Ed Smeloff, assistant general manager of power policy for San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

SunPower System Protects Roof, Cuts Costs

The SunPower® PowerGuard®  commercial solar roof system is a lightweight,building-integrated assembly installed over the existing roof membrane. Made up of 5,400 PowerGuard solar tiles, in addition to generating clean solar electricity, the system protects the roof from ultra-violet rays and thermal degradation, extending the life of the roof while reducing heating and cooling energy costs. PowerGuard’s flat, modular, high-density, solar roof tiles interconnect easily with no roof penetrations, while operating invisibly with Moscone’s existing electrical network.

Multiple Energy Initiatives Deliver Wide-Reaching Savings

Combining solar electric generation with energy efficiency initiatives such as upgraded lighting systems, the Moscone Center energy project provides maximized clean power and energy savings to San Francisco. The 675-kilowatt array converts sunlight directly into electricity. New building controls further reduce energy requirements. As an added benefit, the improved energy management and lighting system controls offer greater flexibility and maintenance savings.

Moscone Center Project Benefits Environment

The Moscone Center’s rooftop solar power system spares the environment from thousands of tons of polluting emissions, reducing smog, acid rain and global warming. Over 30 years, the solar power generated by the system will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 35,000 tons. These reductions are equivalent to planting 330 of trees or not driving 88 million miles on California’s highways.

Project Overview

Location:    San Francisco, CA
Completed:    March 2004
Installation Type:    Commercial Roof
System Size:    675 kW
PV surface area:    60,000 square feet
Number of Panels:    5,400

  • Supports city’s environmental initiatives
  • Will reduce CO2 emissions by 2,400 tons over 30 years, which is equivalent to planting almost 700 acres of trees, or not driving 6 million miles on California roadways
  • Protects and extends life of roof