Agilent Campus Generates Clean Power with Two SunPower T5 Solar Roof Tiles Installations

SunPower was a very effective partner. Through the combination of SunPower’s experienced team and technology, we met all of our target goals: aesthetic, environmental, and financial.

– Dave Shufro, Senior Project Manager, Agilent Technologies

As the world’s premier measurement company – specializing in electronic and bio-analytic systems – Agilent Technologies is adept at gauging cause and effect. For that reason the company has always kept a careful eye on its environmental footprint, and has adopted a culture of sustainability and environmental responsibility. When it came time for Agilent to transform its California campuses into state-of-the-art research and development facilities, project planners analyzed a variety of renewable energy resources. With the help of high-efficiency SunPower® T5 Solar Roof Tiles on building rooftops in Santa Clara and SunPower Solar Parking Trackers following the sun above Santa Rosa’s existing campus parking lot, Agilent is now maximizing the use of these spaces while also providing shade for employee and visitor cars. At the same time, the company will generate a significant portion of its peak energy load.

A Culture of Environmental Responsibility

For many years, Agilent has maintained a focus on environmental responsibility. The company’s Santa Rosa campus in particular has had an extensive energy management initiative in place, winning awards for its water and solid waste management programs, which recycle more than 66 percent of the site’s process water and more than 70 percent of its solid waste. As executives and facility planners were considering an upgrade to the Fountaingrove site, they had two key objectives in mind: to complete the renovation with the smallest-possible impact on the environment, and to do so in a financially responsible manner. With the help of a SunPower solar power solution, they were able to do both.

High-Efficiency Panels Reduce Footprint

The SunPower Tracker, which features a unique single-axis design that tilts to follow the sun throughout the day, allowed the company to maximize its production and use of solar energy, while greatly reducing the area needed for the system. “The SunPower Tracker was not only the most efficient technology of its kind, but – combined with SunPower’s innovative, high efficiency solar panels – also significantly reduced our footprint,” says Dave Shufro, the senior project manager for the solar installation.

Similarly, SunPower T5 Roof Tiles provided a perfect fit for the constrained roof spaces at Agilent’s Santa Clara site. These high-efficiency panels produce more energy per square foot than any other solar product available, allowing Agilent to get the most out of this unused space.

Solar Benefits Extended to Employees

While Agilent investigates future commercial solar applications, the company also has launched an Employee Solar Program with SunPower to extend its efforts beyond its campus borders – and out to its employee base. As part of this program, Agilent employees now have the option to install solar power on their own homes, taking advantage of a special reduced rate through SunPower Premier Dealers. While saving on their monthly electricity bills, Agilent staffers will also play an important role in preserving the environment.

Project Overview

Location: Santa Rosa, California
Completed: September 2008
Installation Type: Solar Tracking Carport
System Size: 1,089 kW
PV Surface Area: 60,672 square feet
Number of PV Panels: 3,456
Products: SunPower® Tracker
Services: SunPower® Employee Solar Program

Location: Santa Clara, California
Completed: November 2009
Installation Type: Rooftop
System Size: 1,120 kW
PV Surface Area: 63,755 square feet
Number of PV Panels: 3,632
Products: SunPower® T5 Solar Roof Tile

  • Agilent’s dependence on California’s utility grid will be reduced by more than 1 megawatt
  • Provides a built-in financial hedge against rising electricity rates
  • Contributes to Agilent’s sustainable culture and promotion of goodwill throughout the community