AER Worldwide Saves Big with SunPower and Expands Environmental Commitment

AER Worldwide has been impressed with Vista Solar's management process in helping us find the right solution and installing it in a timely manner without requiring too much of our own time in getting it done. SunPower solar products best fit our needs, and to date, we are very happy with the results.”

– Andre Weiglein, President, AER Worldwide

AER Worldwide wanted an investment that could add value to its property. As an electronic waste recycler, AER was also interested in expanding its commitment to the environment. With solar power, AER could do both. However, they needed to act fast to take advantage of expiring state incentives. AER turned to SunPower Authorized Dealer, Vista Solar, to make solar power a reality.

Subsequently, Vista Solar recommended SunPower® solar products because these high quality products could give AER a reliable long-term payback. Thanks to a robust partnership between Vista Solar and SunPower, a 234 kW solar power system was commissioned on budget in June 2011 and now offsets over 99% of AER’s electricity bills. With savings mounting up for the next 25 years, AER has not only expanded its business commitment to sustainability, but also created a powerful hedge against rising energy costs with solar power.

Going Solar Achieves Key Business Goals

As an electronic waste recycler, AER Worldwide was already strongly committed to the environment. Therefore, the decision to go solar not only made business sense as a way to add value to its property, but it fit in with the company’s overall mission and environmental policy. Rising electrical rates, the uncertainty of future energy costs, and expiring state rebates made going solar even more urgent. “Electricity expenses will never go away especially for AER who uses huge machines in their business. The cost of electricity will continue to go up, and installing solar helps to greatly offset these energy costs,” said Jennifer Le, Senior Sales Manager at Vista Solar--the commercial dealer for the project.

SunPower Technology Wins Approval

AER turned to Vista Solar because of their many solar options and strong commitment to getting AER the best savings. Keeping with that commitment to value, Vista Solar recommended SunPower solar products as a means to maximize AER’s payback. SunPower’s T10 Solar Roof Tile product rose to the top of the list. The T10 is non-penetrating, and its modular design allows for quick and easy installation. Furthermore, a 10-degree tilt and sunlight reflectors promote higher solar energy delivery, and the solar solution’s long-term reliability made the T10 the clear choice for AER. The end result is a solar system that helps AER receive the biggest savings possible.

Vista Solar and SunPower Stay on Budget

However, third-party project delays threatened to break the project budget. A long turn-around time by the bank for financing created one delay, and closures at city offices because of furloughs caused challenges in getting permit approvals for the project. Finally, special work had to be done to consolidate electrical meters into one meter. However, Vista Solar and SunPower had the combined experience and expertise to overcome those hurdles and keep the project on budget. The end result is a 234 kW solar system that will generate approximately 361,819 kWh per year for AER’s headquarters. Over the next 25 years, the company’s total savings are estimated to reach almost $4 million. Making both business and ethical sense, solar power is an investment AER can bank on for years to come.

Project Overview

Location:    Fremont, CA
Completed:    June 2011
Installation Type:    Roof
System Size:    234kW
PV Surface Area:    27,396 sq ft
Number of Panel:    1,027
Products:    SunPower® T10 Solar Roof Tile

  • Will save AER more than $3.9 million over 25 years (combined with projected escalating electricity costs)
  • Will offset over 99% of the company’s current electricity bills
  • Will save AER more than $80,000 annually
  • Will annually generate enough clean electricity equivalent to removing 259 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere or burning 29,349 fewer gallons of gasoline